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If you are looking for a clawfoot tub or other classic design, you'll love our tubs! We've taken the best antique bathtub designs and used modern acrylic construction for increased comfort and easier cleaning.


70 inch Classic Clawfoot Bathtub


61 inch Classic Cannonball Tub


54 inch acrylic clawfoot bathtub

70" Classic Clawfoot Tub

61" Classic Cannonball Tub

54" Classic Cannonball Bathtub


70 inch acrylic freestanding oval bathtub


70 inch double slipper acrylic bathtub


69 inch double slipper acrylic pedestal bathtub

   70" Freestanding Oval Bathtub

 70" Double Slipper Clawfoot Tub

69" Double Slipper Pedestal Tub


66 inch acrylic slipper bathtub


59 inch acrylic single slipper tub


67 inch acrylic single slipper clawfoot tub

66" Slipper Cannonball Tub

 59" Slipper Cannonball Bathtub

67" Clawfoot Slipper Tub


Why Choose a Molded Acrylic Bathtub?
More comfort -Touching an acrylic bathtub with your bare skin is not cold like a cast iron tub. Our double-walled acrylic construction does not conduct heat like metal, so you will be more comfortable from the moment you get in until you are done. And, you’ll need to use less hot water when you want a warm or hot bath.
Durable and easy to clean - The tub surface is smooth and non-porous, making for a hygienic, safe choice. Acrylic bathtubs are durable. The color is built into the acrylic, not coated like porcelain over iron, and interior sunlight does not affect it. Under normal conditions, a classic bath tub from MyTubs.com will not crack, scratch or blister.
Easier on the environment - compare the entire life cycle and insulating properties of acrylic bathtubs to cast iron -- our tubs make a better environmental choice, too.
Tubs ship the next business day...Shipping weight 90-120 pounds...receive in 3-7 business days.